domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2008

De izq .a der. Carlos Correal,Consuelo Berenguer ,Bernardo montagut,Josep Francés ,Rafael Armengol y Elisa Torremocha .
Inauguración de "Constructivime irreal"

Comunicado de prensa ,art mine ,New York
Josep Francés Anaya’s sleek oil paintings are not only about architecture; they are architectural in both composition and aura. Francés paints cityscapes, emphasizing the exhilarating structural diversity of buildings and urban environments. His nuanced, adept renderings give ample attention to value, perspective, and spatial depth. He reveals the inner workings of architectural spaces in order to accentuate the unified identities of cities as wholes. Occasionally, he leaves skeletal outlines of buildings visible, allowing viewers a glimpse of geometric blueprints. At the edges of Francés paintings, the carefully orchestrated confluence of towers, homes, and businesses deconstructs into abstracted geometric and linear shapes, gesturing toward the infrastructure of urban architecture. Ultimately, Francés paintings explore two contrasting but interdependent themes: the patterned, planned nature of environments and the magical harmony that carefully calculated cities evoke.

Josep Francés Anaya studied art at Galatea Academy and Interior Architecture at the Applied Art School in Valencia. He has exhibited internationally and has won numerous awards for his work. He lives and works in Alzira in Valencia, Spain.
Joyce Asper ,Agora gallery New York

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